Dahlonega, Georgia

Young Hall was originally constructed in 1938 as the library for North Georgia College on the site of another building that buirned in 1913. It helps to form an edge to College Circle, a prominent Historic landscape that also includes the College's signature gold-topped administration building. The building (Originally known as the Stewart Library) was funded by FDR's Public Works Administration. Through the years as the college's needs changed, the use of the buiding had changed into a mix of classrooms and offices. This project sought to change the function of the building to classroom-only while preserving and enhancing the Historic character that remained. Anachronistic additions were removed and windows that closely followed the original configuration and sight lines were installed. The conversion of the original reading room into two 120 seat classrooms was done is such a way to allow a visual connection across the original space while maintaining acoustical and visual privacy for the students and professors. The entire building was fitted with 21st century computer technology and infrastructure in order to facilitate a modern pedagogical style. This project was done under the guidelines of the State Stewardship program as administered by the State Historic Preservation Office.